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Super Fast, Secured and Seamless WiFi
for Small and Medium Businesses

Save time, increase employee productivity, bring positive impact to your business.

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Runs on World's Most Trusted
Cloud Infrastructure

Manage your WiFi from anywhere, anytime
99.9% service uptime, Always On WiFi Network

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You Need CloudiFi If You Are

  • Still using one password based WiFi network
  • Manually managing visitor's WiFi access
  • Unsure about poor WiFi performance in conferences
  • Concerned about unsecured WiFi hotspot service

Cloud Defined WiFi Network for Small and Medium Businesses.

Key WiFi Problems We Solve



WiFi network management is possible over web based interface. You can keep control over who uses your WiFi network from anywhere, at anytime.



Access to WiFi network via unqiue credential, unauthorized access not possible. Access to leaving employee can be selectively disabled.



Time provisoned WiFi access via unique security credential keeps the network free from unwanted users with expired usage limit.



Browserless user authentication provides convenience and seamless access to internet to users of Guest WiFi network or WiFi Hotspot network.

Why You Should Choose Us

Enterprise grade

CloudiFi offers enterprise grade WiFi network management features. Runs over Amazon cloud infrastructure that guarantees 99.9 % uptime.

Quick installation, Less cabling

CloudiFi APs are plug-and-play, supports wireless meshing capability. No technical expertise needed, powered them up and start working.

Robust Wi-Fi security

CloudiFi forms a unique wireless encrypted channel between AP and user's device, allowing users to work without worrying about data security.